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Kill Phil: Revised and Expanded Edition by Rodman, B, Nelson, L & Heston, S (English)

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Dit boek is een must-read voor elke toernooispeler. Door een erg pragmatische aanpak en een doorgedreven strategie is elke speler na het lezen van dit boek in staat om een pokertoernooi tot een goed einde te brengen. Ook experts kunnen zeker wat opsteken!

"Thanks to television, the internet, and the incredible popularity of the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas, when Kill Phil was first published in 2006, tournament poker had become the richest sport in the world. The problem was that no-limit hold 'em was dominated by a handful of experienced and skilled professional players. Kill Phil turned the tables on the pros by introducing a strategy that allowed even an absolute novice to compete against the best players in the world. The Kill Phil strategy remains highly effective when used in confrontations with even the world's best players, but tournament play is evolving. This revised edition reflects the new trends in tournament poker by refining the use of the all-in move and providing adaptations that take into account the new style of hyper-aggressive play. At its core, though, Kill Phil remains what it's been from the start--the best method possible for entering the exciting and potentially lucrative poker-tournament arena. As a special bonus, this new edition contains the complete set of strategies formatted as they appear on the Kill Phil strategy cards--an added $14.95 value!"

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