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12 Star Poker Set 500

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A very nice set of 500 high quality clay poker chips from our 12 Star Series.

If you're looking for a real clay poker chip that is made of a clay composite material comparable to the real (yet very expensive) Paulson poker chip, our "12 Star" series of real clay chips might be the solution for you. The chips are about 10 grams which is just a tiny bit heavier than the standard Paulson chips.


  • Amount: 500
  • Material: 10 gram clay chips with Euro values
  • Contents: 500 chips in aluminium poker case
  • Extra: 1 Standard Dealer button, 5 dice, 2 decks poker cards.


Standard chip denominations:


  • Value €0.25 Purple: 75
  • Value €0.50 Orange: 75
  • Value €1 White: 100
  • Value €5 Red: 100
  • Value €10 Blue: 50
  • Value €25 Green: 50
  • Value €100 Black: 25
  • Value €500 Purple: 50


You can also adjust this poker set to your own liking. Just click the green 'Personalize' button and then select the desired composition of the poker chips and or upgrade the poker cards, dealer button and the poker case.


Fantastic chips that are so close to Paulson's. Feeling is great! The colors are of course not as fancy as paulson's... that's probably the only thing missing.

Delivery was very fast & efficient, after service also & very friendly (due to a small problem on the cards)... so a great experience overall!!

The only difficulty with the chips was that some players where confused by the facial value of the chips. Indeed we never play for 1-5-10 €, but rather for 10-20 cents, 50 & 1 euros... so in the beginning some players would look at the facial value rather than the given value.

In terms of colors, I chose to begin with 1euros for small blinds (I fancy them more than the 25 cents or 50 cents designs).

And on a more personal note, I would add that my perfect combination for a 500 set is something like 150 (1€, aka small blind) - 200 (5€, aka BB) -100 (10€) - 50 (25€). This works well for 3 to 7 players. You could even get a bit more BB, and a bit less of higher values (or even less of small blinds, indeed players mostly play with BB, so 10 SB per person is enough).
Ordered this right before Christmas and was worried it wouldn't make it's way down the Xmas tree on time... As promised had it on time from BE to NL. Highquality finish and exceeded my expectations. Very nice box with content. Good quality chips and playing cards... and a very nice dealer button with it!

No regrets!
For the price, this set is very nice indeed. I bought one a few years back and have had a lot of use out of it. The chips themselves were similar in vibrancy to Paulsons, albeit with a slightly duller sound when riffled. Unlike Paulsons, however, they don't require regular cleaning - despite heavy use, I have never had to clean these chips. Last week, I ordered some new 12 Stars to replace those unnecessary for my home games. Upon delivery I discovered that the design had changed; these chips, in my opinion, are even nicer than the originals. They are less colourful, with a chalkiness to them that's less like the Paulsons they imitate, but are very satisfying to handle and look great in the case. For a hundred quid, you'll struggle to find a better chip set. Pokerhandel's service is also superb.

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